Lamont Colucci, PhD

National Security, Foreign Policy & Homeland Security Expert

Lamont Colucci, PhD, is Associate Professor of Politics and Government at Ripon College. He is a Senior Fellow in National Security Affairs for the American Foreign Policy Council, as well as a weekly foreign policy commentator for U.S. News and World Report. Dr. Colucci is also an experienced professional speaker on a wide range of topics, from U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy, to economic and financial profiles of various countries. Dr. Colucci was a diplomat with the U.S. Dept. of State; he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and doctorate in politics from the University of London, England.

Dr. Lamont Colucci has published three books:


At Ripon College, Professor Colucci coordinates the National Security Studies program, teaching courses on national security, foreign policy, intelligence, terrorism, and international relations. In 2007 he was the recipient of Ripon’s Severy Excellence in Teaching award, and in 2010 the Underkofler Outstanding Teaching Award. He also served as founding interim Director for the Center for Politics at Ripon College.

Columnist and Commentator

In 2012, Dr. Lamont Colucci was approached by U.S. News and World Report to write a weekly column on foreign policy and national security. As an expert in the fields of Foreign Policy, Counter-Terrorism and National Security, Dr. Colucci is a regular researcher for essays to think tanks, research institutes and books. He’s also frequently invited to write for publications that have included:

  • The Washington Times
  • National Review
  • Defense News
  • The Weekly Standard
  • The Hill
  • Praeger Security International

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Speaker and Presenter

An accomplished and experienced Dr. Lamont Colucci speaking at Rotary, Int'l professional speaker, Dr. Colucci can speak to a wide range of topics:

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Dr. Colucci is Senior Fellow in National Security Affairs for the American Foreign Policy Council. He’s also the Advisor in National Security and Foreign Affairs.

For nearly three decades, the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) has played an essential role in the U.S. foreign policy debate. Founded in 1982, AFPC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing information to those who make or influence the foreign policy of the United States and to assisting world leaders with building democracies and market economies. AFPC is widely recognized as a source of timely, insightful analysis on issues of foreign policy, and works closely with members of Congress, the Executive Branch and the policymaking community. It is staffed by noted specialists in foreign and defense policy, and serves as a valuable resource to officials in the highest levels of government.

Dr. Lamont Colucci also advises the NATO-based Conference of Defence Associations Institute. He served as founding interim Director for the Center for Politics at Ripon College.

Crusading Realism

The Bush Doctrine and American Core Values After 9/11

Crusading Realism, a book on America's National Security and Foreign Policy written by Dr. Lamont ColucciIn this book, Dr. Colucci discusses the Presidential dominance of American foreign policy and the religiosity and leadership style of President George W. Bush.

Dr. Colucci contrasts the post-9/11 Bush administration with its earlier incarnation, and with that of its immediate predecessor. He presents the development of a distinctive policy position founded on pre-emption, prevention, primacy, and the promotion of democracy. Finally, Dr. Colucci analyzes the emergence of the Bush Doctrine from 2001-2003 in relation to four distinct phases: its genesis, initial development, further evolution, and maturation.

Dr. Colucci’s book is available with all major retailers and also on Amazon. Click here to get your copy now!

The National Security Doctrines of the American Presidency

How They Shape Our Present and Future

This two-volume set provides a chronological view of the foreign policy/national security doctrines of key American presidents from Washington to Obama, framed by commentary on the historical context for each, discussions of major themes, and examinations of the lasting impact of these policies.

From the often-forgotten Washington Doctrine, to the Truman Doctrine that continues to influence our modern national security, to the Obama Doctrine that is still solidifying, American foreign and national security policy is shaped by the historical development of national security doctrines. In the post 9/11 world, with its continuing unrest and instability in the Middle East, these issues are of paramount importance.

The National Security Doctrines of the American Presidency: How They Shape our Present and Future provides an examination of the foreign policy and national security doctrines of key American presidents from Washington to Obama, covering everything from our missionary zeal and our pursuit of open navigation of the seas, to our involvement in the ongoing political and military conflicts in the Middle East. It addresses the multiple sources behind the doctrines: real, rhetorical, and ideological. Arranged chronologically, each chapter offers commentary on the historical evolution of these doctrines, identifies the major themes, and highlights unique revelations.

Ideal for academics, classroom teachers, policy makers, and the educated electorate, this two-volume set represents a compendium of national security doctrines that explains how these first doctrines
have constrained, restrained, and guided every American president regardless of party, providing comprehensive information that cannot be found in any other single source. Further, the work presents the reader with examples and explanations of precisely how these doctrines from long ago as well as those from recent history directly affect our present and future.

Dr. Colucci’s book is available with all major retailers and also on Amazon. Click here to get your copy now!


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