Newsmax: A 2019 Guide to the English Language

It can be difficult for Americans to navigate the swamplands of language usage without getting into trouble with the Cheka (first Soviet secret police) and sent to a re-education center. In all totalitarian countries, millions of people have been and are sent to places where their thinking can be “adjusted” to fit the state’s needs. George Orwell’s “1984” predicted a leftist dictatorship that would enforce doublethink: hate means love, war means peace, slavery means freedom. Orwell would appreciate that the new terrain is based on creating new words and new phrases to engineer the new communist man for the 21st century.

This is all done in an effort to save my countrymen from the 0-dark thirty knocks on the house door by the forces of Antifa, who will willingly force you to be tolerant and kind by clubbing you over the head. I have compiled the top terms so that one can safely glide in and out of totalitarian conversations with ease. This will be especially helpful should you venture anywhere near an American university campus, Left-wing policy institution, Planned Parenthood, media outlet, or Hollywood.

Politically Correct, PC

The term came into fashion in the 1980s as a way for the leftists to indicate that certain language usage was acceptable and others were evil (though the concept of evil is in itself politically incorrect unless applied to conservatives). The only absolute the left is consistent about is their certainty that all values that are Judeo-Christian based are inherently wrong. The purpose of claiming something is politically correct is to ensure a chilling effect on anyone within a 50-yard radius who wishes to disagree with the speaker. This is especially useful during media interviews and faculty meetings. PC has its own party army referred to as the PC police.

White Guilt (synonymous to White Privilege and cousin to Liberal Guilt)

No totalitarian dictionary would be complete without an over-emphasis on race and the desire by those on the left to segregate races based on identity politics. Started in the 1970s distributed in handbooks and training manuals to “help” white people not be racist the term quickly became a demand. Whites by definition must possess this “guilt” for being white, lest they forego their humanity and UN passports since the left prefers global citizenship to American. Advocates of white guilt engage in the overt embracing of other people and cultures whether these people want the invasion of their personal space or not. White guilt is often partnered by the second demand of white privilege which requires all white people to acknowledge their overabundance and soft lives. All of this is enforced by liberal guilt police who are always on the verge of total despondency.

Toxic Masculinity

Just as no list would be complete without hyperbole about race, no 21st-century homage to the Devil’s Dictionary would be satisfied without gender. The attack on manliness has existed for decades. It is now taken for granted that the male in most sitcoms is rude, crude, arrogant, stupid, and shallow. The feminist school of international relations propagates the idea that men create instability, war, chaos, violence, economic recession, and generally leave the toilet seat up. Breaking out in the 1980s, it blamed men like Ronald Reagan for creating aggression because of the male drive. Today the anti-male agenda has broadened to argue that any male expression of manliness or virtu (according to Machiavelli), is a demonstrable evil (see PC definition of evil) and should be immediately stomped out by the local bully or PC police. This has even reached the pinnacle of western civilization when attempting to attack the masculinity of the Holy Trinity; then again, the Trinity is not PC, to begin with.

Social Justice Warrior

Due to the negation of manliness by the previous PC police camp guards, the world still needs defending, and those answering the pan flute’s call are social justice warriors. Originating in the late 20th century, the term originally had the rather banal connotation of someone who was devoted to social activism. However, it quickly mutated into a badge of honor for those who enforce all the previous listed terms. They are, just as Lenin’s Bolsheviks were, the new vanguard of the proletariat ready to serve as judge, jury, and executioner, especially anonymously via the internet. Often Social Justice Warrior is reduced to the acronym SJW; many now refer to such people by another three letter combination.

This piece originally ran on Newsmax on 9 January 2019.