The International Relations of the Bible

An exploration of the world, politics, and people of the Old and New Testaments.

OnThe cover of Dr. Lamont Colucci's third book, The International Relations of the Bible June 22, 2021, Dr. Colucci’s third book is available in all major retailers and on Amazon: The International Relations of the Bible.

International relations is an increasingly important topic for the average American.

It determines job prospects, economic growth and decline, war, peace, and whether or not a foreign entity uses a weapon of mass destruction. The practice and theory of international relations by today’s presidents and dictators is grounded in ideologies that have shaped societies throughout history—ideologies that dominate the world of the Bible.

Whether it was the Babylonian and Egyptian Empires, the influence of Greek Hellenism, or the Romans’ critical role, international relations are an omnipresent backdrop. There can be no story of Exodus, no Babylonian captivity, no explanation for the constant war in Syria, no publicans or Roman governors, no judgment by Pontius Pilate, and no St. Paul’s story as a Roman citizen, without considering the role of international affairs.

Dr. Colucci’s book is available with all major retailers and also on Amazon on June 22, 2021. Click here to get your copy now!