American Culture, Citizenship & Leadership

American Culture, Citizenship & Leadership: Themed Speeches

Beyond his normal themes of Foreign Policy & National Security, Dr. Colucci has delved into slightly more esoteric studies and can offer presentations covering the abstract notions of citizenship, leadership, American Culture and American Legacy. Or click for a list of Dr. Colucci’s other speaking topics.

  • Leadership

    What makes a leader? Who are false leaders? What is effective leadership and when has it been absent in America? What are the responsibilities of a great leader?

  • The Duty of a Citizen

    What does it mean to be a citizen? How do many Americans fail this test? How can citizens have real impact?

  • American Culture and Society

    Where is America heading? What values are inherently American? What dangers do we face in the 21st century?

  • Legacy of the American Revolution

    What values still exist from the American Revolution? What did the founders intend? What current crises, both domestic and international fit into our revolutionary heritage?

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