Business, Financial & Economic

Business, Financial and Economic Speeches

Dr. Colucci’s experience in the public sector as a diplomat, dealing with the cultural and societal differences between American and other countries gave him a particular opportunity to apply his personal experience with his political knowledge, training and education. Foreign Policy and National Security are intrinsically dependent upon business, financial and economic influences, and dealing with new societies and cultures is dependent upon those same subjects. Dr. Colucci offers consultation, professional presentations and speeches on the issue of dealing with East Asian cultures, immigration and watching the macroeconomic & political scene. Or click for a list of Dr. Colucci’s other speaking topics.

  • Doing Business with East Asia?

    Japan? Korea? China? Taiwan? Singapore? Do you want to ensure success? Are you afraid of cultural offenses? Do you know the current economic and political conditions that you are entering? Are there security concerns you should know about?

  • Immigration, You and Your Business

    How have changes in immigration policy since 9/11 affected national security and changed the dynamics of business today?

  • The U.S. trade deficit

    How does it affect your business and the economy at large?

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