National Security & Foreign Policy

Dr. Colucci’s experience as a diplomat with the U.S. State Department gives him key insight into the workings of our National Security & Foreign Policy machine. After that work experience, his research and study in the field has made him a leading expert. The speeches below reflect that experience and knowledge in the field. Whether your audience has an interest in United States’ National Security or Foreign Policy in general, or a specific aspect of that, these speeches below are the best place to find that data. Or click for a list of Dr. Colucci’s other speaking topics.

National Security & Foreign Policy Presentations

  • US Foreign Policy- Terrorism and Security of the Homeland:

    September 11th and Its Aftermath? The new geo-Strategic world and the Bush doctrine. Why do our enemies hate us and our allies love us?

  • Quo Vadis- Where are you going?

    The role of the individual in modern American society? Has political correctness overcome reason? Where is American society heading?

  • North Korea–the untold story.

    Wait until you hear what Lamont has to say about this brewing situation. A “must hear” for anyone interested in behind the scenes of world affairs.

  • Iraq

    How this war is a war that America needed to fight and win.

  • US Foreign Policy in East Asia

    Why is East Asia the most important area for the future of the United States? What are the economic, business, and political issues that this region faces? How is the United States involved in these issues and where are we headed?

  • US Foreign Policy – America‚Äôs Goals and Ideas

    What are the foundations of US foreign policy and strategic thinking? What are American national interests and who makes the decisions that effect war and peace?

  • The Cold War – Blueprint for Crusade and Chaos

    What was the Cold War? How was/is the cold war a continuation of American strategic thought and culture? What is the aftermath of the Cold war and how does it still shape our lives?

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