Dr. Lamont Colucci, as a former diplomat for the U.S. State Department, accomplished author and noted educator, is a regular contributor to publications the world over. He has been invited to write op-ed articles in many newspapers, literary journals, intellectual publications and magazines and other literary works. The following is a limited list of some of his more recent publications.

Modern parallel to ‘Valkyrie’

Lamont Colucci OP-ED: Moviegoers are experiencing a heavy dose of history by watching the recently released film, “Valkyrie,” starring Tom Cruise. A more poignant and important film (perhaps entitled “The Beck Gambit”) would have been one that focused not on … Continue reading

The Bush Doctrine

Everyone has it wrong, there has been, and there is a clear and distinct Bush Doctrine. There has been much made of the interview between ABC’s Charlie Gibson and Gov. Sarah Palin where Mr. Gibson defines the Bush Doctrine as … Continue reading

U.S. and Japan Free Trade Agreement

Lamont Colucci OP-ED: In 1853, an American naval squadron with lead ships Susquehanna and Mississippi steamed into Tokyo Bay and anchored off of Uraga. This event, set into motion by a never remembered president, Millard Fillmore, and led by a … Continue reading

U.S. Foreign Policy and the Legacy of the Bush Doctrine

Lamont Colucci By kind invitation of David Gauke MP, the Henry Jackson Society hosted a discussion with Dr. Lamont Colucci, author of ‘Crusading Realism: The Bush Doctrine and American Core Values After 9/11’ and National Security Studies Co-ordinator at Ripon … Continue reading

Today, the Bush doctrine may not be popular – but it will endure

Before George W Bush, the titanic battle in American foreign policy was between so-called realists and liberals. But the Bush doctrine does not fit definitively into either category. I believe it should be categorised as a “crusading realism” that deals … Continue reading

Free trade exigencies

Lamont Colucci In January, North Korea demanded that the United States normalize relations before the North would abandon its nuclear weapons program. North Korea since has launched a multistage rocket, quit the six-party talks, restarted its nuclear reprocessing facility at … Continue reading