Newsmax: A 2019 Guide to the English Language (Part II)

Last time in — from the Heartland — I wrote Part 1 of the guide to navigate the Left-wing Sea of Trouble. In that piece, I dealt with the terms Politically Correct, White Guilt, Toxic Masculinity, and Social Justice Warrior. The best is yet to come so let us dive right into the Orwellian black hole we Americans have created for ourselves.

Number Four: Microaggressions

Originally emerging in the 1970s (a decade that should primarily be forgotten) coined by psychiatrist and Harvard University professor Chester M. Pierce to describe subtle, or nuanced language that degraded non-whites, by whites. The term has volcanically exploded to include any language that any “marginalized” group views as offensive and could trigger suffering (see below). This idea continued to expand to include language that was not intentionally meant to cause pain and language that was otherwise objectively neutral, but that an individual could decide to interpret as offensive. If the millennial generation has been abused by one of these terms more than others it is this one. It has created for them a culture of victimization that has debilitated them in both social and professional situations. It has allowed those who should be accountable for bad decisions and bad policy to hide behind the shield of being microaggressed. Oddly enough, groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda seem immune to accusations of microaggression.

Number Three: Triggered (Often Related to Safe Space)

In one of the looniest misuses of the English language, the very term the Left has created, is in itself that concept they wish to avoid. The term trigger, trigger warning, triggered, erupted in the first part of the 21st century primarily in Communist Party Political Academies once known as universities. The concept codified in places like UC Santa Barbara where they forced faculty to announce a trigger was about to be pulled, indicating a controversial topic that could cause trauma was about to be mentioned. In reality, it is used when someone does not like the free speech of others and therefore will be traumatized by whatever they dislike, especially any positive mention of God or country. In another example of the Revolution eating its own children, the term “trigger,” associated with firearms, has been castigated as a trauma-inducing word.

Number Two: Woke

A close second to our number one term is the idea of “woke” or “staying woke.” The term is very new in its current usage so don’t feel bad if you have never heard it. It will come to find you as it knows where you live. The idea is that if you are woke, you are aware of all the social injustices of the age. You, therefore, can use all the terms in our guide freely and with bravado which allows one to hide incompetence, calumny, and corruption. You can also accuse others of not being “woke,” which essentially dehumanizes them and qualifies them to be considered for re-education centers.

Number One: Virtue Signaling

Nothing on our list is as wonderfully insane as our number one entry: Virtue Signaling. It encapsulates everything about the new Left in one single idea and concept. Originally refering to religious people who wish to signal piety, it was hijacked in the recent period by the Left who wish to demonstrate their social justice warrior (see the previous guide) credentials by signaling their support or distaste for any particular idea or person. In typical Left-wing fashion, they have taken the term “virtue” (one’s obligation to God, self, family, community, and nation) and recreated the term to mean a demonstration of disgust, mostly on social media, which gives one the appearance of endeavor with no action required. It is the perfect apotheosis of Left-wing concepts as it creates a morality from a vacuum requiring nothing other than emotional indignation based on one’s own narcissism. It would almost be divine in its perfect demonstration of Left-wing thought if it were not for the Left’s denunciation of God.

There are honorable mentions such as “othering (as in a group or person not being one of us but the “other”); ” “outing” (forcing someone to come out of some shadow that another person deems as too shadowy), and “throwing shade” (casting aspersions on people you don’t like). These did not make the cut as the other eight.

It is my sincere hope that this guide saves you and your family from the various professional gulags and spiritual wastelands currently in existence in the Left-run utopias around the nation.

This piece originally ran on Newsmax on 22 January 2019.