Homeland Security and Intelligence, 2nd Edition (contributing author)

The central role effective intelligence collection and analysis play in homeland security

Dr. Lamont Colucci contributed to Homeland Security and Intelligence from Praeger International. This textbook is a definitive textbook for instructing homeland security, national security and intelligence. Find out more about this book here.

Now updated and expanded for its second edition, this book investigates the role intelligence plays in maintaining homeland security and emphasizes that effective intelligence collection and analysis are central to reliable homeland security.

  • Addresses the most recent changes in homeland security and intelligence, explains the dynamics and structure of the intelligence community, and assesses the effectiveness of new intelligence processes
  • Focuses on the evolving structure of the intelligence community and its processes in the age of ISIS and organized, widespread terrorist threats as witnessed by the events in Boston, San Bernardino, and Paris
  • Contains seven new chapters as well as revisions and updates throughout this second edition
  • Underscores how intelligence can work―and needs to function―across homeland security efforts at the federal, state, and local levels